Aluminum Windows

Aluminium 2 track sliding window

2 Track Aluminum sliding Window

2 track aluminum sliding windows comprises of two horizontal sashes that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth sideward track movement. Easy to operate, these windows offer panoramic views and a great amount of ventilation. You can easily choose a aluminum sliding window for your home or office from different sliding window design.

Aluminium 3 track sliding window

3 Track Aluminium Sliding Window

The 3 track aluminum sliding windows are made up of sashes that smoothly slide horizontally both left to right and right to left. The windows are made taller and wider than the windows with the addition of sashes. This types of aluminum sliding window are used mostly in home where light and air is needed most.

Aluminum Casement Window

The Aluminum casement Windows provides the ultimate solution for improving the look and feel of your home. Designed to the highest specifications, these beautiful windows deliver extreme comfort and style. The Extreme collection has been designed to meet the latest energy efficiency ratings which ensure these stunning windows not only look great, but they help to keep your house warm in winter while reducing energy costs.

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Aluminum Fixed Window

Aluminum Fixed windows are with a fixed frame that cannot be opened. The lack of window stiles and rails makes for a narrow frame and wide opening that lets in significantly more natural light. Windows with a fixed window frame are perfect for spaces where it isn’t necessary to be able to open the window, but where you wish to let in lots of natural light. Fixed windows can also be installed in combination with other opening windows.

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Aluminum Louver Window

Louvered windows are widely used in homes and huge buildings for ventilation purpose. These windows are beautifully framed and designed to allow fresh air in your home. It is a temperature friendly window design which will not only provide fresh air but will also make your property look ravishing. For the hot and humid climate of India during summers, this is the best window option to consider

Aluminum Sliding mesh window

Aluminum Sliding mesh Windows comes with 2 track and 3 track . In 2 track the First 1 Tracks Are Alike And Are Planned To Carry Any Type Of Glass Slider. The second Slider Is Precisely Planned To Bring Only A Mosquito Net. A Mesh Slider Generally Goes With Most Of The Sliding Windows In India. The 3 track mesh window the first and second track Are Planned To Carry Any Type Of Glass Slider. The third Slider Is Precisely Planned To Bring Only A Mosquito Net.

Aluminum Door

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Aluminium Casement Door

Aluminium Casement Door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. AIS Aluminium Casement Doors are suitable for balcony access, deck and patio. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colors.

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Aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding Doors are preferred over conventional doors as they are compact and occupy less space. The Aluminium frames provide an elegant and glossy look, enhancing the aesthetics of the space. These doors are more durable and secure than other doors. Aluminium Sliding Doors are lightweight, highly durable, and corrosion resistant.

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Aluminium Slide & Fold Door

Aluminium Slide and Fold Doors are used mainly in large open areas to appear like a virtual wall. The door is a collection of multiple frames which has fixed or moving frames. These doors can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. Usually these doors are heavy duty from the security point of view and have multi locking points.

Aluminium Mesh Door

Aluminium mesh door has different fitment options based on customer budget, without disturbing the purpose of a window or door to provide free flow of air and light. The uniform weaving pattern in net makes them invisible with better visible properties so the customer can enjoy the nature around their space. These aluminium mesh doors comes with 2 rack and 3 track according to the customer requirement.