We make variety of furniture’s for home as well as for commercial uses, we work with all kinds of wood’s depending on the customer choice. 

Wooden Window

Wood Sliding Window

A combination of two horizontal sashes with rollers, the window comprises of swift sliding motion back and forth for opening and closing mechanisms allowing for controlled ventilation. With Glass, Sliding Windows can offer – eco-friendly structures, noise cancellation, safety and security, thermal insulation it provides natural look and great aesthetics. The frames are perfectly treated to prevent from shrinkage and swelling during climatic changes and are available in different finishes and customization.

Wood Fixd Window

Wooded Fixed Window

Often called as picture windows, Wooden Fixed windows are non-operable windows allowing ample natural light and providing an aesthetic sense to the living space. Combined with wooden frame, these windows can be configured with various Glasses and Frame Sizes to allow for eccentric styles and splendid panoramic views.

Wood Tilt and Turn window

Tilt and Turn Wooden Window

Tilt the top of sash and open inward at an angle to use it for ventilation purposes else swing the complete sash inward and use it like your standard window. The operation is made easy with impeccable design and engineering.

Casement Wooded Window

The casement window have combinations of fixed and opening sections which make this window incredibly adaptable. Casement windows have one or more hinges that allow the window sashes to swing open. Casement windows are reliable, durable and long-lasting. Casement windows provide optimum ventilation, are economical and are incredibly energy efficient. But best of all, casement windows are so versatile because they’re easily customizable.

Folding Wooden Window

Wooden Slide and Fold window are used mainly in large open areas. The window is a collection of multiple frames which has fixed or moving frames. These windows can open inside as well as on the outside. Wooden Frames are made of high performing Accoya Wood which exudes a natural finish and is aesthetically pleasing. The physical properties of wood such as color, texture and thermal resistivity makes wood a much better option than the alternates available.

Wooden Door

Wooden Sliding Door

Sliding Wooden doors are ideal for areas with limited spaces where conventional doors are less preferred. The entire wooden frame of the door moves over the horizontal railing in the lateral direction. This provides a compact solution unlike conventional doors.

Wooden Casement Door

Wooden Casement Door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be opened either inward or outward. Wooden Casement Doors are suitable for balcony access, deck or patio. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colors.

Wooden slide and fold door

Wooden Slide and Fold Doors are used mainly in large open areas to appear like a virtual wall. The door is a collection of multiple frames which has fixed or moving frames. These doors can open inside as well as on the outside. Usually these doors are heavy duty from the security point of view and have multi locking points.

wooden Main Doors

Traditional carved door’s or modern design pick your choice for your home’s main door

Wooden door for room

Modern door for all kind of rooms

Wooden Cot

Single cot, double cot, traditional cot, modern cot and cot for kids in wood of your choice

Wooden Sofa

Modern wooden sofa or traditional wooden sofa 

Wooden Dining Table